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✓ Draw and 3D-print, even though I don't have a 3D-file?
✓ 3D-printe big objects, above 1,50 m?
✓ Painting and surface treatment of the 3D-print?
✓ Inserting mounting fixtures on the 3D-print?

Aniso has experience with many types of 3D-prints

Testimonials from our customers

Ole Tersløse

Danish artist  / digital sculpting

Sculptures and fine arts:
"Until now my art has always been shown flat as 2D-printed pictures. But with Aniso's great service and thanks to our very close collaboration I've been able to bring my artwork to life in full size 3D"

Søren Ravn

CEO / Sjølund - Profile bending

Components with complex shapes:
"Aniso's 3D print service is a great tool to have at hand, as it suppliments our customer specific solutions"

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