Sculptures and components - manufactured to order

Aniso uses specialized FDM-technology to create large-scale parts cost effectively.
We help our customers by 3D printing models, typically for theatres, artists, architects and for exhibitions. 

Prior to 3D printing a 3D drawing is required - we provide assistance with creating and converting drawings.

After 3D printing, some models require post-processing of the surface - and we can assist with creating the final look of the model, by sanding and painting.

We develop our own 3D printers and use premium PET-g polymer material in our process. Compared to traditional desktop 3D printing, our large-scale technology has an exceptional speed of fabrication. As 3D printing is a fully automated process, models become very cost effective - while being exactly as the drawing specifies.

With 3D printing no fixture or mould is required to begin production, so order quantities can range from a single piece to larger series.

3D printing made easy

Directly from your CAD file

With our 3D print service, it's easy to have models made with this technology. Order your 3D print and send us your 3D drawing - we print directly from several formats. We're able to process most 3D-CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) files, including STEP, STL and OBJ files.

If no 3D-CAD file is available, we can have it made for you, by modeling or 3D scanning.

Full scale 3D print

While being affordable

1:1 scale human mascots, kayaks or eye-catching oversized products for exhibitions, would previously have to be made from wood or glass composites in very manual processes. With Aniso's machinery, it is now possible to 3D print these real-life scale products in a fully automated manner, that stays 100% true to the drawing specification.

Our machines have a very large build volume, and even if parts are printed separately, we can heat-join them. If parts are too big to fit through a door, we can assemble them on-location - so there is typically no size limitation to consider.

Geometrical freedom

Complex shapes are a treat for our process

We enable designers to create life-sized parts with complex and curved shapes. Small 1 mm details are possible even in models several meters big.

The process does not start with a block of material, so thin shells or hollow parts are easily made without any waste material. This is ideal for stage-shows and exhibitions, where a lightweight and mobile model is critical - typically a model weighs less than 10 kg.

Well documented material

For applications with regulatory compliance requirements

Our premium polymers have been extensively tested, to achieve a thorough technical specification. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure a consistent quality, and follow the latest technology in the fast-changing world of additive manufacturing.

With the aid of Innovation Fund Denmark, we have been able to fire-rate our polymer compound, to allow it to be used in e.g. the construction industry.

End-to-end project assistance

We offer assistance that supplements 3D printing

Aniso can help at any stage of the project - from the beginning of the project to the final reveal.

Models or replicas can be drawn in 3D from pictures or sketches. Sometimes a 3D scan is necessary to have the exact details. We offer our engineering expertize in determining the right robustness of the part. When the model has been printed, we can bolt or weld it onto other parts, e.g. a podium, machine or scaffold.

The 3D printed surface has a layer characteristic - we also offer filling and sanding of the surface, with subsequent painting.