Print gallery

Examples of our 3D printed work

A more than one and a half meter high model of a unicorn for a store concept. In addition to 3D printing, we also assisted with drawing and final adaptation of the model.

A batch from a 3D printed production run of 58 machine parts for agricultural harvesters. Low start-up costs and a flexible production, led them to be 3D printed.

A retaining part from an insulin pump, upscaled 17 times, for product presentation on exhibitions. After 3D print the part was sanded and spray painted.

Danish animal models in 1:1 scale for Guldborgsund Municipality. The 3D printed animals are displayed in "Horreby Lyng Naturrum" on Falster in Denmark.

1 meter high model of the Sodium Potassium Pump for the Steno Museum. The protein is upscaled 60 million times - and we 3D printed the entire model in one piece.

Four 3D printed hotdogs for Tulip Food Company - each measuring 2 meters in length! The models were printed directly from the customers own specific CAD-file.

'Newborn revenge' is a abstract artwork by the Danish artist Ole Tersløse - 3D printed 1.1 meter sculpture, subsequently painted using airbrush.

Sculpture depicting soft bone tissue. It is 1.2 meters in diameter. A part of the artwork installation 'Relationscape' at Berlin central station.

A 1.3 meter tall penguin figure as part of a branding campaign concept - the model was sanded and painted after 3D printing. It is made in PET-g plastic.

Tip of a wind turbine blade, as part of a product release at an exhibition - the 3D print is 80 cm high and it is post processed with sanding and paint.

Artwork by Ole Tersløse, 3D-printed 1.6 meters long, directly from a digital model - and subsequently painted using airbrush in different colours.

A 50 cm cutout of a complex double curved shell. It could be used in e.g. a prototype for a robot cover or as a part of a unique building cladding.

A cutout of a decorative panel, which could have bene used in e.g. a restoration project based on a 3D scan. The panel can be made in several meters length.

An example of a production run of models, which can help create awareness during a branding campaign. They are made in PET-g plastic and shown prior to painting.

'Angling Boy' is a large artwork by Ole Tersløse, where a 2D poster is combined with 3D-printed parts. The worm shown is 2 meters in length.