The possibilities of 3D printing

Architectural model case: Utzon Center's Fatamogana

3D printed scale models of a ambitious never-realised project, for a museum exhibition

The exhibition 'Fatamorgana' at Utzon Center in Aalborg is about a joint-venture project by world renown architect Jørn Utzon and artist Asger Jorn. Only sketches of the 1960's buildings exist today. Exhibition-architect Jacob Hilmer made computer models from the sketches, making it possible to 3D print the physical models of the buildings.

Seeing the 1:50 scale models in real life, makes the understanding of the complex buildings much easier than two-dimensional sketches.

The process of making the ambitious models was relatively straight forward: Jacob Hilmer sent us the computer models in a CAD file - which we analysed to give a project price and delivery time. Afterwards Aniso divided the model into printable pieces, and sent pictures as the project progressed, to accommodate small adjustments.

Both models are made of laser-cut sheets and 3D printed hollow shells - the shells were painted after assembly, to ensure a consistent soft white tone.

"The FATAMORGANA exhibition uses a different approach to show Jørn Utzons architectual universe. It's a dive into history, but also an opening to new possibilities, when working digitally with the material from the Utzon archives." 

-Utzon Center

The high speed of the process, combined with hollowing of the parts, allowed for such a cost- effective model-making, that Utzon Center decided to have two big 3D-printed models made for the exhibition, rather than just one.

Press the button below to see a preview of how the model pieces were 3D printed in Aniso's large scale process.