About us
We believe that more value can be achieved if the product fits the application - rather than the application fitting a standard product.

To us, the real benefit of 3D printing is in customer specific solutions. Our mission is to remove today's manufacturing limits and price barriers, in both product design and architecture.

We love the challenging shapes that creative designers and architects can come up with. We envision a future, where making a highly customized design for a product is easy, affordable, and can be done in a short timeframe - something we believe can be achieved, by using the many opportunities lying in 3D printing technology. With the sole goal of providing our customers with these opportunities, we created our large-scale 3D printing service.

We have developed and built our big FDM-type 3D printers from scratch, and we are experts in large scale polymer printing. We have improved the printing technology, so it is extremely fast while still having the resolution of typical 3D-printers. This enables us to produce parts for our customers, at a very competitive price.

From our facility in Denmark, we manufacture plastic parts - directly from 3D-CAD files. The items can be produced in small batches, where each item can have an individual design. Aniso operates in a wide array of industries - from prototypes and construction elements, to display solutions and sculptures.

Our business is built upon close customer collaboration, and we provide assistance from project start to finish. We are constantly pushing the limit of what is possible, and we do not fear challenging projects.