Cost-effective large scale 3D-printing
Manufacturing service for meter-sized sculptures, models and components

3D-printing service

We print directly from your

Full scale parts

Our meter-scale machines allows for true scale parts and models

Geometrical Freedom

Complex geometry is a treat for our process

Well documented material

Our polymer is fire-rated and usable as building-material at exhibitions/fairs

End-to-end project assistance

We also offer assistance in strength calculation, CAD-modeling and painting

An industrial 3D-printing service that raises the bar ...

Additive manufacturing is an exciting manufacturing process - and through Aniso's innovative technological development, a whole new speed of fabrication is possible. 

... with an attitude towards service and quality

Close customer collaboration is the core of our business, and we will go to great lengths to ensure project success - every time. We help you from end-to-end with designing, modeling, manufacture and post processing of models.

We develop our own machines and printing technology, which allows for a very cost effective and flexible service for our customers.


Jacob Hilmer

Architect / Utzon Center

Architectural scale models:
"Utzon's sublime and often geometrically curved architecture deserves to be seen in real life and in large scale. Aniso was a perferct partner to create this experience for our audience"

Søren Ravn

CEO / Sjølund - Profile bending

Components with complex shapes:
"Aniso's print service is a great tool to have at hand, as it suppliments our customer specific solutions"

Ole Tersløse

Danish artist  / digital sculpting

Sculptures and fine arts:
"Until now my art has always been shown flat as 2D-printed pictures. But with Aniso's great service and thanks to our very close collaboration I've been able to bring my artwork to life in full size 3D"